At Rubicon Research, we are driven by innovation and leadership, with the vision to become one of the top 10 generic companies in the US in the next five years. Our strong presence in western markets is due to our deep expertise in developing generic and complex products, and we currently have over 90 products in the development pipeline.

To achieve our vision, we pursue both organic and inorganic growth opportunities, and are in search of partners who share our values and commitment to deliver better healthcare. We are interested in expanding our footprint globally, starting with the US market through our subsidiary Advagen Pharma Ltd.

Our growth efforts are directed towards collaborations where we can leverage our expertise in formulation development and patented drug delivery technologies with innovators that bring the actual drug candidate, so as to create value-added specialty products. Apart from product-based co-development partnerships, we also focus on equity-based partnerships (product and corporate level).

An important avenue for growth is product acquisitions, and in the last two years Rubicon Research has acquired over 20 ANDAs and plans to refurbish them and bring them back to market at the earliest. We are interested in further partnerships with companies looking for product divestment opportunities so as to evaluate them for synergy with our current portfolio.

With the acquisition of Impopharma Canada, Rubicon Research has also acquired expertise to evaluate and develop drug device combination products, and is also keen to explore business avenues in this space.

Over the years Rubicon Research has built and expanded on its strong strategic partnerships, primarily in development, manufacturing, and regulatory support of pharmaceutical products. We actively seek to establish and strengthen long-term business relationships through avenues like co-development, acquisitions, or fees for service. We understand the importance of building these relationships to address unmet healthcare needs around the world.

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Executive Vice President – Corporate Development and Strategy
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