Trials Supplies

Rubicon Research provides flexibility and scalability in operations and can undertake manufacturing of different batch sizes. We provide the following services for clinical trial supplies.

  • Manufacturing of oral tablets / capsules (active and placebo)
  • Encapsulation of tablets, multi-particulates, capsules and other solid dosage forms
  • Capsules filling for: powder + pellets, powder + tablets, capsule in capsule
  • Functional coatings, aesthetic coating of solid dosage forms
  • Bilayered tablets, inlay tablets, compression coated tablets

Rubicon Research’s interdisciplinary project team offers innovation, superior quality, and confidentiality in supply chain management. Time to market, cost advantage, risk management, and strategic focus are our strong offerings for clients. Timely transportation of goods and error free inventory management enables Rubicon Research to be a great partner in the supply chain.